02 February 2014 @ 02:12 am
I can not seem to write what is in my head. There are so many things in it that I want to try to flush out, but I can not seem to find the time or true desire to do it. Things are very happy overall in my life right now. But there is confusion in my brain. I wonder if I am doing the right things. If I am helping that people I want to help. If I have too much in my life. I am not able to do it all, I get that. But trying to figure out what to choose seems to allude me.

And just like fixing my armor, writing about it seems to always wait.
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07 January 2014 @ 11:57 pm
About this time 32 years ago I tried to leave the hospital and found a dead car. 32 years ago today my little girl was born. She was unplanned in every way. She was not the direction I planned my life to head one year before that. 32 years ago today I was a student at Knox College. I was married and I was now a father. It was not what I intended, but she is one of the best things ever in my life. Happy Birthday ldybz3.
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25 December 2013 @ 11:55 pm
As this Christmas Day draws to a close, it was a very different holiday. From the chaos of last night, to not seeing any of my blood relatives except Sean in person to the loading of the cargo van for move round one tonight, it was not like any Christmas before.

It was wonderful Skype with ldybz3 and her wonderful boyfriend until 3am on Christmas morn. It was great to be invited to the family Christmas of lizzie71986 & kennaree2 and then the family Christmas of murielz. I am honored to be welcomed by so many.

I then ended the night by sending personlized messages to dozens of people that I care about via text. I like dong that. Not sure what others feel about it.

But I am right now remembering that the reason for this celebration for me is the remembering the birth of Christ. I care not if it was a virgin birth. If it was in a manager or a cave. Under the reign of Herod or not. If a star showed his birth to all, to a few, or to none. No matter who the angels appeared to on that night. It is the fact that God passed through this world for a time in the form of a mortal that I now call Jesus Christ. That portion of God will provide me with both a gateway to the next world and a model for how to live on this one. The model is easily seen in the words that man wrote as long as you understand that men, very holy ones it is true but still men, wrote them down and other men would choose which ones we kept. His overall way of life is that of peace and love to all mankind. No matter what they do or who they are. That is his model for this world. While I believe that he will also take me to the next world, that is not as important to as trying to follow the model he set here. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Not uniquely Christian, but number one as it is the basis for love.

Peace and love to all.
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15 December 2013 @ 02:05 am
Sean and I saw the Hobbit part 2 today. It was amazing. It made me remember more than Lord of the Rings or even part 1, why i fell in love with the fantasy genre. Why tales of elves and dwarves would be part of my life. What an orc should be and that one good elf could take down a dozen or more of them.

Spoilers? Did you not read the book?Collapse )
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11 December 2013 @ 12:31 am
I have an apartment and a plan. I am moving to 2200 1/2 Broadway on Dec 26th. I can also bring things to the apartment starting the 23rd as they are on vacation the week of Christmas. I rented from a realtor. The wonderful kennaree2 is going to let me borrow her cargo van, so I will not need to rent a moving van.

In addition, my Dad and I talked and it looks like he is moving the family Christmas to the weekend before. So here is what my last twelve days of the year will look like

Dec 21 - Pack nearly everything not needed for Christmas
Dec 22 - Ring Family Christmas in Galesburg - load car
Dec 23 - Take load to Quincy in car - work - unload - back to Macomb and load car again
Dec 24 - Take load to Quincy in car - work - unload - back to Macomb - Christmas Eve with Sean and Santa
Dec 25 - Christmas dinner with Sean and lizzie71986 and kennaree2 - pick up Cargo van from them in Peoria - load van in Macomb
Dec 26 - Take Cargo Van to Quincy - work Sean unloads Van - back to Macomb - load Cargo Van
Dec 27 - Take Cargo Van to Quincy - work Sean unloads Van - Sean goes to Chicago for post Christmas party
Dec 28th - Meet in Macomb with Cargo Van and anyone else that wants to help move the last of it.
Dec 29th - Clean in Macomb and Organize in Quincy layarte has volunteered to help with this
Dec 30th - Work and hopefully organize in Quincy as everything will be done in Macomb
Dec 31st - Work half day - final cleaning in Macomb - drop key to landlord - drive to Vargas in Chesterton, IN for Terrae Finis party.
Jan 1 - Pick up Sean from Chicago after party and drive to our only home in Quincy

Finally I decided to put up the little tree that debbie_t68 got me when I was at the cracker box. I knew where the tree was, but I can not find the stand for it. The only good part about that was I got three boxes packed looking for it.

So if anyone is bored and wants to help, particularly if any Quincy people could help Sean during the day on the 26th and 27th, that would be great. Let me know. I will likely post about this again next week with more details and more begging :)
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03 December 2013 @ 11:14 pm
I began house hunting in earnest this week in Quincy. I have looked at three in two days. I have a price range and a size in mind and one of them fits. It is not a very nice house, but it is a rental and has plenty of space. For those that know Quincy it is 909 S 9th St. It has an odd layout but plenty of room. Space for a washer and dryer but not one there. The other two would not work well. One is really too small. Only four rooms and no extra storage and the other was a mess and has two kitchens! They also want $1000 deposit if you have pets. I want to keep looking but I fear losing the one that would work but is not great.

Just brain dumping here and will be happy to listen :)
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28 November 2013 @ 01:30 am
As I prepare for bed on this Thanksgiving day, I have much to be thankful for. I have two loving children who are now both "grown" whatever that means. I have a good job. I have friendly co-workers. I have amazing loves and lovers. I have an SCA household that is better than I can say. I have my family of birth who may not see things the same way I do, but the love is always there. But more than anything, I am thankful for having all the friends that I do.

Some of those friends are in my SCA house, some are family, some are lovers, but there are even more than that. I have been blessed with so many people that care for me and I care for them. I do my best to show how grateful I am for this. This is what keeps me going. Friends all over the globe. This is why I am blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that you call me friend and mean it.
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12 November 2013 @ 11:57 pm
Crystal Ball 30. Crystal Ball is a Midlands institution, but it is not one that I always have attended. For years it had no fighting. I would only go when there was or if there was a practice the next day and then generally only if it was something special. That changed while Rowan was Baroness and I went to all of them and have been to most since. I never would have suspected that a Crystal Ball would be one of my best SCA events ever, though there have been several special ones before.

This time I knew what was going on, but Rowan did not. I had known that I would beg the boon to have her elevated to the Order of the Pelican since Pennsic. She has had a lot happen in her life, and so when I saw the tourney was going to be a Pearl Tourney, I told her I would organize the team for her. This just added to how much this event was going to be about her for me. I gathered a team of 100% Terrae Finis members to fight, craft and dance for her. We were not the greatest team, but I felt it appropriate to have only our household represent her on this day.

Petrona gave me crash space, along with Saraswati and Elisa, so that made logistics both better and longer. The day went quickly and the fighting ended early and I even left the field with three others on it. I had things that needed to be done and I needed to be clean. Rowan had a hotel near site and she took me there to shower. I cleaned up and dressed up for court.

I was so nervous for this. It would be the first boon that I ever begged solo. I begged Mary Buchanan's with Brigh and I got to assist with Palymar for Chen but only at the elevation not the announcement. While Rowan was not my dependent, she is so close to me that I wanted this to be perfect, but I still wanted it to be me. That meant doing it by what felt right at the time. I had thought through dozens of things to say, but came down to one theme. I am a knight. Rowan served the Midrealm Army as a primary focus of her service. So even though it was for Pelican, this request would come from Sir Ix.

It would not occur until nearly the end of court. I paced around court. I went from person to person who had no idea why I was so ancy. I got lots of hugs. I did my early business in court with Illiton. Other good people got well deserved awards. Finally I was called in. I can not remember the exact words, but I said I was a knight and it was a knight's job to look for fighters and train them to be peers. I stated how I had found one but it was not to be a squire for her. That person was already more than that. I was very careful not to use a pronoun. I knew she would not know but I at least wanted to keep her a little off guard. I asked her afterwards and she said she knew when I was called up, but I did confuse her.

She has done so much to earn this. I am so pleased to have been able to help her through the process. It was one of my best moments in the SCA. She is an inspiration to me and I think I to her. We reflect off each other well. I love her dearly. I am so proud of her work. I am so proud to be able to officially call her my peer at Festival of Maidens.
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01 November 2013 @ 11:49 pm
I had three different health related things this week and they all show that things are not right with health care, but there is no great way to fix it.

First we were shown our new health plan. No more choices from work. $3500 deductible then 100% pay after that. "Wellness" visits are covered, but all other office visits, therapy etc you pay until it hits $3500. And our rates went up for it. The old plan was much more complicated with co-pays etc, but was better for people that did not use it much. I do not know that this is not more fair in the long run, but the way it was presented was not in a fair light. The best question was from a person who asked how the $7000 family deductible was affordable when that was 1/3 of his income.

Second was QNI brought it a group from Blessing hospital to take our vitals as a part of a company wellness program. After giving a vial of blood, they took my blood pressure and it came in at an unheard of 144/92. I told them something was wrong, I am never that high and they took it again. This time 150/100. They told me to go have it checked regularly. I told them something was wrong with them or their system. They then measured me at 5' 10.5", I have never measured that short. They weighed me at 191. As the other people came back from their checkups, everyone reported being an inch short. Thus there is something wrong with the portable scale. Others thought there blood pressure was much higher. It was suggested that the blood draw first might be related to this.

Then I had a regular doctor visit this week so I could get my recurring Rx refilled. I hate this concept. And this doctor was classic as to why. They took my vitals. Had me breathe in and out. Confirmed with me I felt find and wrote my more Rx's. That will cost me $105 next year. It was only worth the $20 co-pay because my blood pressure came in at 100/65 and I was 5' 11.5" again.

Not sure what the answer is in health care anymore, but what you co on
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27 October 2013 @ 05:37 pm
This was the best Lochmorrow event in a long time on just about every level. While it was still small, just under 60 people, that is still showing growth. It was all about fun at so many levels. Even the incredibly period foods at feast found a great amount of fun to be had. I had to be to sight when it opened at 8, so I as up at 6:30 to get things out the door and make the hour drive.

It was still very chilly upon arrival, but the inside option was going to be a poor one and so I went ahead and planned everything for outside, but pushed back start time until 11. Got things slowly setup and had Allison and Gillian to help me run the lists. We actually waited until 11:30 to allow Saraswati to get to site to start rapier. I came up with a complicated three part tourney for rapier. It would involved one on one zombie fights, team zombie fights and waves of zombie fights. The zombie rules were a fun change and it was a great tourney won by Kinjie (sp) with Saraswati as best zombie. We had 7 people fighting rapier this year and only two from Lochmorrow. Everyone seemed to have a great time with it. I fought as a zombie with the help of others to marshal, so I was very pleased.

So pleased in fact that I did the same plan with armored and even though we only had six combatants, it worked just as well. Seto would show up after work to make seven people fighting on each field. Eion Atta Kell won the armored tourney and my good squire Hans would take the best zombie award. Then I got some real fights with Seto and that was good for both of us.

Court was good. Feast was better. It was beyond filling and so very tasty. The "bad" parts of this feast were better than the good parts of many. I also took the time to repay on old debt to . Years ago I had hit her way to hard because I was trying to win for in a warlord tourney. We did not know each other at the time. At that tourney I would win my first Nitehawk shield, which I gave to Beez, I would win another for myself later and then one for Sean. I won another three weeks ago. I told the story of her forgiveness of me and our friendship now, and I presented her with the shield.

I was then ask to sing the banana song by my Baroness for losing her favor. I did, you can find it on facebook, and then as I always do I ate the banana. Only it was a loaned prop, so I now owe a debt to Kali.

Clean up was hard work and I had to run to Bartonville to as Sean had left his wallet with Jillian. But I had six people staying at my place which was awesome. We all stayed up to nearly 2 and then visited more this morning. It was great event indeed. I might even be convinced to not complain about Halloween events again, though holding it near campus would still be better.
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