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27 October 2013 @ 05:37 pm
Great Lochmorrow Event  
This was the best Lochmorrow event in a long time on just about every level. While it was still small, just under 60 people, that is still showing growth. It was all about fun at so many levels. Even the incredibly period foods at feast found a great amount of fun to be had. I had to be to sight when it opened at 8, so I as up at 6:30 to get things out the door and make the hour drive.

It was still very chilly upon arrival, but the inside option was going to be a poor one and so I went ahead and planned everything for outside, but pushed back start time until 11. Got things slowly setup and had Allison and Gillian to help me run the lists. We actually waited until 11:30 to allow Saraswati to get to site to start rapier. I came up with a complicated three part tourney for rapier. It would involved one on one zombie fights, team zombie fights and waves of zombie fights. The zombie rules were a fun change and it was a great tourney won by Kinjie (sp) with Saraswati as best zombie. We had 7 people fighting rapier this year and only two from Lochmorrow. Everyone seemed to have a great time with it. I fought as a zombie with the help of others to marshal, so I was very pleased.

So pleased in fact that I did the same plan with armored and even though we only had six combatants, it worked just as well. Seto would show up after work to make seven people fighting on each field. Eion Atta Kell won the armored tourney and my good squire Hans would take the best zombie award. Then I got some real fights with Seto and that was good for both of us.

Court was good. Feast was better. It was beyond filling and so very tasty. The "bad" parts of this feast were better than the good parts of many. I also took the time to repay on old debt to draconisregina. Years ago I had hit her way to hard because I was trying to win for ladybz3 in a warlord tourney. We did not know each other at the time. At that tourney I would win my first Nitehawk shield, which I gave to Beez, I would win another for myself later and then one for Sean. I won another three weeks ago. I told the story of her forgiveness of me and our friendship now, and I presented her with the shield.

I was then ask to sing the banana song by my Baroness for losing her favor. I did, you can find it on facebook, and then as I always do I ate the banana. Only it was a loaned prop, so I now owe a debt to Kali.

Clean up was hard work and I had to run to Bartonville to as Sean had left his wallet with Jillian. But I had six people staying at my place which was awesome. We all stayed up to nearly 2 and then visited more this morning. It was great event indeed. I might even be convinced to not complain about Halloween events again, though holding it near campus would still be better.
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Marie: bearmarielaf on October 31st, 2013 01:46 pm (UTC)
It was grand fun!

(Even the tournament, though I knew I was pretty well screwed the moment I heard what the rules were... :) I found myself thinking that if I'd known what was going to happen, I'd have volunteered to marshal the whole thing instead of flailing fighting in it.)

Kudos to Sean as well. It's nice to see him stepping up to an active role in running events. And he displayed some very pretty courtesy throughout the day.